Custody & Visitation

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Whether you are dealing with a custody matter within the context of a divorce or not, it can be an emotional process for both parents and the children who are involved. By reaching an agreement or resolution as soon as possible, we at Spinella, Owings & Shaia, P.C. can help minimize any additional stress placed on all of the parties.

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Child Custody

There are three main types of child custody in Virginia: sole custody, joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Each of these types of custody has a different definition and result in different types of access to the child. Regardless of the type of custody you are seeking, our firm can explain each of these to you and determine how best to pursue a custody arrangement that is in your children's best interests.


Rather than being granted formal custody, a parent may be allowed visitation rights instead. It is important that the parent take advantage of this opportunity in order to stay close to his or her child. Having limited visitation rights now does not mean that obtaining a future custody arrangement is not an option. We handle all types of visitation cases, with parents on either side of the matter.

Custody and Visitation Modification

If you need to change an established child custody or visitation order, our attorneys can help. We have extensive experience representing parents who are seeking more time with their children or are attempting to limit access of one parent. These situations can be an issue for various reasons, such as the custodial parent wanting to move out of state with the child.

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